Xihan Zhai, Master graduation 2019.
MFA graduate from Hochschule Trie, Idar-Oberstein Campus. After completing her study from Beijing University of Technology, she embarked on adventures to study jewelry in Italy at Alchimia, in Oslo, Norway at the Academy of Arts, and in Idar-Oberstein, Germany at the HS Trier. She is a Chinese artist who focuses on the research of fog based on nature and culture. She works with diverse media such as installations, videos, photography and material based jewellery. She uses opaque materials to express her experience with hazy fog.  She has exhibited her artwork in China, Greece, Spain, Poland, Italy, and Norway. She thinks of her artwork as a partner that can take her to experience and discover the world. 

Fog is a weather phenomenon. When this formless, colorless, odorless, and seemingly peaceful substance comes into contact with my body, fog makes me feel curious, with a sense of wonder. From my objective world, I construct fog as a space which contains Chinese philosophical thought. I use the body movements of Thai chi and its taoism water philosophy to express my art work. The aim is to give the empathy of fog experience from natural and daily life. What do you see when you fall in fog?

© 2019 Xihan Zhai